Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Breakfast Cereals

I always wonder why breakfast cereals are so eye catching on the shelves of supermarkets. Why do they have such a “wow” factor? Is because the message they permeate has evolved into the subconscious equivalent of saying “wakey wakey!”

The cereals also take up almost as much room as the alcohol in my local supermarket. Do we really need about 35 different brands? Or is it that most of these brands come under the umbrella of just three parent companies, kelloggs , weetabix and nestle ? Cereal packaging by its very nature takes up more room than, say tins of beans, so maybe if the big players ensure that they have such a large variety, that the smaller cereal brands don’t even get the chance to compete. Are there any smaller cereal brands?


From a design point of view, the packaging leaves very little room to visualize the actual cereal. With the exception of optivita , they focus more on the ‘big swoosh’ and bright morning sunshine colours, which I admit do work in their purpose to get that positive “get up and go” message across.

So I have to conclude that we all know what’s inside an otherwise boring box of cereal and the unique selling point of each individual product type doesn’t differ so much. Their main device for selling more product is by emphasizing their “top of the morning” message.

Friday, 26 September 2008

My first entry

Well this is my first blog entry. The purpose of this blog is to show and discuss contemporary design at its widest of perspective, from grahic design, contemporary architecture, 3D design, retail environments, cg animation, display graphics to street signage. Graphic design is my profession. I'd like to showcase a little bit of my own work, but mostly pass comment on work done by others.