Friday, 7 November 2008

Italian Shops

After my recent trip to Italy, I was amazed at the effort and detail that almost every small shop owner puts into their shop front.

I knew that Italians were among the smartest dressed people in the world, but I didn’t know that they also took so much pride in the presentation of their shops. We stayed for 4 days in the walled town of Lucca in Tuscany (Toscana). Lucca is an amazing town. A city of Medieval history, almost every building within the walls of the town has character.

Every shop from the cobbler, delicatessen, bakery, confectioner, tobacconist , chocolate shop to clothing shop made the most out of their display areas. There was a chocolate shop that had a queue outside and onto the street that sold such elegantly presented chocolate selections. There was another chocolate shop only a few doors down the same street and they had completely different range of products. I can say that I have never seen such a collection of traditionally run establishments in one space.  

There was a small shop selling only spirits, but they managed to put a barrel and a tiny copper distiller in the window. Lucca also has some of the best wine stores in all of Italy. There is also an antiques and art fair on the third Sunday of every month in Lucca, it sprawls into various narrow streets and piazzas.