Saturday, 20 March 2010

Whenever I travel, I usually end up taking photos of the impressive graphics that I see when I'm walking around. I visited Toronto last October and noticed that they have wrapped all their trams (Street Cars) Good use of advertising, I think, because they were otherwise boring. I also really like the City TV vehicle graphics in Toronto. I think you can really make a commercial vehicle look really smart by putting some impressive graphics on it. It is good advertising, but it can be done in a tasteful way too. I also really liked the huge billboards inside the Eaton Centre, some cool bus wrap and the view from my hotel showed the corner of Dundas Square as the sun was setting. I walked through Dundas Square this time for the first time in a few years (Last few visits I must have just not went that way) but I think they are trying to make Dundas like Canadas version of Times square...only better of course!

View from Hotel, corner of Dundas Square

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