Monday, 25 October 2010

Scottish Thistle Awards

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park has been selected for the Scottish Daily Mail Readers’ Choice Award and the Scottish Daily Mail Kids’ Choice Award, as part of the Scottish Thistle Awards 2010. They are now in the final 3, results to be announced this Friday (29th Oct). I have been involved in the branding of the park over the last 7 years and I'd say I've played my part to improve their popularity. I hope they win.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ScotlandShop new website

Well Done, everyone at ScotlandShop what a great new website. I think this new look will raise the profile of their brand. I had a chance to be involved in the design of their site about eight years ago, but that was back in the days of web01 when we had to consider small thumbnail images as normal. With retail online marketing, having a good brand image, good photography and clear and easy to navigate website is essential. We live in a world now where everyones expectations are much higher now, so all web users expect instant results, which is sometimes difficult to produce. Anyway, love the new site, especially the Argyl Jackets…!!