Thursday, 23 June 2011

French Connection

I'm glad that French Connection are moving away from their FCUK theme. To say that they have overdone that campaign is an understatement. I remember it was cool to wear FCUK T-Shirts back in 1997, but for anyone to buy a slogan T with that on now and think it is cool, is a bit daft in my opinion. Although I don't really like this current "bearded preppy" look, where everyone looks like they should be in Arcade Fire, it is at least different. French connection have moved quite far from their surf branding that they tried a few years ago. I understand that we are in a recession and everyone is a bit less materialistic, but wouldn't it be nice if some brands didn't just follow whatever the current trend is. This reminds me of when grunge was fashionable in 1995 for about 2 minutes. People might actually want to dress sharp even when they are skint. Is this it French Connection?

French Connection UK Surf style campaign from about 5 years ago

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