Friday, 5 August 2011

Blue Jays

I like the Toronto Blue Jays Website. Many web developers say that all website design should be clear and easy to navigate, which often leads to stale and pretty dull websites that all have a similar layout. I think that there is still the argument for designing a website that creates a 'buzz'. When someone who is a Blue Jays fan, goes on to the site and sees all the different sections of the site, the news style layout, the loads of information on the front page, I don't think that it causes confusion. I think there is the argument for what I call "visual histeria" where, if done very well, you load a lot of information about a subject on to a site (usually news, or fan based sites) to create a sens of "Wow!". Another website that does this very well, is Australia Zoo. More on Australia Zoo next time...

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