Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Scottish Knitwear Brands are Alive and Kicking

It is good to see that the knitwear industry in Scotland is doing very well. I am quite impressed with the number and variety of knitwear brands in this region. From the old established brands to the new companies there still some healthy competition.

Pringle of Scotland seem to have changed their focus recently. They did very well to rebrand themselves a few years ago to position themselves as a high brow cutting edge knitwear label, but now I think they are changed their brand strategy a wee bit and, although still cutting edge, they seem to be more "punk" than "posh". Well they are a high fashion brand, so I guess they must know where its all happening.
 Lyle and Scott seem to be on the rise. I really like their current website. It is cool, edgy but not exclusive. I like the way the site functions and the way that it is styled. Their brand image is a wee bit "preppy" for my own tastes, but that is still very of the moment and I think they have a good overall brand concept. Lyle and Scott are hip, youthful and most of all fresh.

Personally, I think that William Lockie deserve a better website than they currently have. In my opinion, their website doesn't serve them as a sales tool very well. I understand their focus on heritage, but I just don't think it is as important as their products.
Lochcarron have a good brand position and good products, but I just don't think that their website presents them in a great light. I understand that they have recently changed ownership. I'm hoping that their new owners have a great design and marketing team.

I think that The Scarf Company are a great Scottish Knitwear company. Based in Hawick, they produce a wide range of both cashmere and lambswool knitted scarves, hats and gloves. Their new website is clear and easy to navigate through. I like the products and I like the brand.

Peter Scott have a good brand image. They have recently refreshed their website and I think it is a lot better, I understand that they have a well established customer base within the golf knitwear market.

In general, I like the Hawick Cashmere website. The styling of the model shots are interesting, although the models are a bit wooden. The overall style and layout of their website is quite modern and I think they have good products. I think this company, as a brand, is good, but it could be great.
I personally think that the Johnstons of Elgin website doesn't do the company as well as it should. I believe that they have an established company that does very well, but I think their website lacks a more defined "image". I personally think that they could be bolder in their approach.

This is just a wee selection of some Scottish knitwear companies. I understand that there are many more good knitwear companies based in this region. 

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