Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Zoo Website review - San Diego Zoo

Last time I checked the San Diego Zoo Website it didn't really reflect the status that the zoo itself has. San Diego Zoo is one of the worlds biggest and best staffed zoos in the world. It has an amazing education resource and depth of zoological related study. I think the current version of the site is a lot better. It now lives up to the zoo's reputation. I personally think that a website for a zoo should create a buzz about itself, to make the website visitor want to go to the actual location. They have a very strong brand and have managed to develop that brand recently to appeal more as a theme park as well as an education resource. This site has a lot of good content regardless of what the web gurus say about flash animations, they do serve a purpose to create fun web pages. This website has usefulness, basically to inform and to promote the zoo. It does this very well.

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