Friday, 23 September 2011

Is it true about the new Blue Jays Logo?

The Toronto Star has released an article stating that a blog has leaked an image of a new Blue Jays Logo, which looks like it has been changed to look very much their original version. At the moment it is unconfirmed on the Blue Jays official website, but if it is true, then it is quite a big step. You can still buy official merchandise at their stadium with the original branding on anyway. I was getting used to the most recent version of the keen eyed Blue Jay, but this version is good also. Will they change the name of stadium back to the Skydome too!



Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Fidelity Logo

Fidelity, the investment house, have launched their new logo. I think it is a brave but worthwhile step in a new direction. They have retained the styling within their press ads and also the same colour schemes, so they shouldn't be confused as some other new company. In my opinion, I think the Fidelity brand is big enough to carry this off without any negative impact. I think it is quite a nice design. Their old logo was a little outdated, but this seems more than just a tweak to the overall look, but more of a new step, which might reflect new markets, a new era or perhaps to appeal to younger clients, then I think they have done quite a nice job of it.
New Logo

Old Logo

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cologne Bottle Photoshop Rendering

I recently created a cologne bottle in Photoshop. This was just a project to keep my skills sharp. At first I wasn't sure how to create a cologne bottle render, but all I did was take a photo of it and then recreated it while omitting all the small imperfections, smudges and flakes of dust etc. Basically it is just a matter of cleaning it up. A kind of hyper-reality. A time consuming job, but worthwhile, I think. This 2D illustration could well have been created with 3D software, like Maya or 3Ds Max, or Softimage, but it depends on what the final function of the artwork is. If the end result is to be 2D, then Photoshop is good enough for me.
"eau de toilette pour homme" as they say in France

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Zoo Website Review - San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo website is okay. Just okay, I wouldn't say that it is great or inspiring, just okay. It has many interesting pages of noteworthy content. It has lots of information about the zoo, but I just don't think it is very inspiring. It doesn't make me go "Wow". Personally I think it could do with a makeover. In my opionion it needs some "Va Va Voom" some amazing photography, features with more impact and excitement put in. As an information resource it serves its purpose. It can be used and accessed with relative simplicity, but the overall design is just a bit dull. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spray Container Rendered in Photoshop

I've also recently created some simple spray containers in Photoshop. If you are a designer and are creating a packaging label project, and would like to present your labels on a blank container? These pre-rendered images may be the kind of resource that you and other designers are looking for. When I'm creating a packaging label, I don't have time to create a bottle or jar etc, in 3D or 2D, but I hope to build up a small library of blank packaging containers for this very purpose.

Glass Beer Bottle Rendering in Photoshop

I created some more bottles in Photoshop, but this time, I retained the transparency within the image. Basically I just didn't merge all my layers. I have found that if I retain my layers, then I can insert a background at a later date if need be. Here I have just added a spotted background, just to demonstrate that a background image can be inserted to show the transparency of a glass bottle. I may not always want to use a white background, so this should be a good resource file for the next time I have to design a bottle label.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Zoo Website Review - London Zoo

The London Zoo website is packed full of great content and interesting stuff. Some other zoo websites don't quite get that their main users are families with young children. This site does make the effort to appeal to its users. The site isn't boring, but it isn't too crazy either. Most web designers try to keep "bells and whistles" and other bits that go "whiz" within a website to a minimum, which is fine for predominantly business focussed websites, but when the target audience need to be inspired, then it is good to have lots of fun content. The site offers education projects as well as fun games centred around their animals. As far as the function of the website goes, I think it will inspire people to visit the zoo, so therefore it does what it is supposed to do.