Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cologne Bottle Photoshop Rendering

I recently created a cologne bottle in Photoshop. This was just a project to keep my skills sharp. At first I wasn't sure how to create a cologne bottle render, but all I did was take a photo of it and then recreated it while omitting all the small imperfections, smudges and flakes of dust etc. Basically it is just a matter of cleaning it up. A kind of hyper-reality. A time consuming job, but worthwhile, I think. This 2D illustration could well have been created with 3D software, like Maya or 3Ds Max, or Softimage, but it depends on what the final function of the artwork is. If the end result is to be 2D, then Photoshop is good enough for me.
"eau de toilette pour homme" as they say in France

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