Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New design work...

Recent design work has involved the development of a leaflet and marketing materials for Wholsale Heat. I'm currently developing a consistent brand image that will improve the clients overall look and appearance.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Design should be better represented in Toronto

While I'm on the subject of Design Museums, I usually visit the Design Exchange in Toronto when I'm there, and although it's currently housed in the former Stock Exchange building on Bay Street, which has a brilliant Art Deco facade, I think that it would be a good idea if the subject of design was represented in its own building. How this could be done or organised, I don't know, but I think, as an exhibition space, it is slightly overlooked in Toronto. I have seen a few design graduate shows there and I believe that it is also used in Toronto Fashion week, but I just think that at the present moment, it is in the middle of the financial district and would attract a better audience if there was some kind of design museum over on King West, or Queen West.

London Design Museum to move...

Plans have been announced today that the London Design Museum is to move. The current site, near Butlers Wharf in South London is, in my opinion a wee bit out of the way to get the full attention that it deserves. The new site will be in the former Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington. It will be much larger and therefore able to house larger exhibits. The Design Museum, in its current location, has played a great role in raising the profile and awareness of design, but I think it will be able to reach a larger audience when it eventually moves to Kensington.

Friday, 20 January 2012

New British Gas Logo

So British Gas have finally refreshed their logo after many years. The previous version of the logo was okay, but it dates back to a time when British Gas only supplied gas. As well as supplying electricity, I guess they will be preparing for the flame shape to evolve into a more power-revolving type of symbol. Looking to the future I would presume that this shape will eventually morph into something that might reflect other sources of energy. I imagine it will be a very big project to change the logo on all of their branding, so big utility companies only do this every 15 years or so. I like the new colours, to me they literally say "we want to be a bit more green". Lets hope the company lives up to that. The strapline "Looking after your world" falls in line with the trend towards a more cuddly image that other large conglomerates are moving towards. The Bank of Scotland strapline used to be "Always giving you extra", now, post-credit crunch, it is "With you all the way".
New British Gas Logo

Old British Gas Logo

Monday, 16 January 2012

Maternity Slide Sheet

I'll be doing some design work soon for my friends at Hooglii. The Hooglii Maternity Slide Sheet is designed to help pregnant women have a better nights sleep. It makes turning over in bed easier as it assists movement and reduces pain.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Where would the next Leonardo da Vinci work?

When I visited Italy a few years ago, I made a point of visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. I enjoyed seeing the work of Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci as well as many others. I am amazed that Sandro Botticelli could paint like this more than 500 years ago. I think his Birth of Venus was painted around 1490. I was going to try to make it to London to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, but it looks like I won't get there now. I admire all of the Renasissance artisits. I wonder what Leonardo or Michelangelo would be creating if they were alive now, in 2012? Today people think they are being creative because they have built a website or done something in Photoshop, but are we truly creative as we used to be? Very few people write letters any more and even fewer people sketch. Would Leonardo be working for Apple, or Pixar, if he were alive today? I'm not so sure.  

"The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wholesale Heat - Hot Logs Branding

 I designed the " Hot Log Briquettes" bag branding for Wholsale Heat back in October. Now that the bags have been printed and are in circulation, I am quite happy with the final result. My client wanted a simple design that needed to work with a basic colour-way for screen printing.