Friday, 20 January 2012

New British Gas Logo

So British Gas have finally refreshed their logo after many years. The previous version of the logo was okay, but it dates back to a time when British Gas only supplied gas. As well as supplying electricity, I guess they will be preparing for the flame shape to evolve into a more power-revolving type of symbol. Looking to the future I would presume that this shape will eventually morph into something that might reflect other sources of energy. I imagine it will be a very big project to change the logo on all of their branding, so big utility companies only do this every 15 years or so. I like the new colours, to me they literally say "we want to be a bit more green". Lets hope the company lives up to that. The strapline "Looking after your world" falls in line with the trend towards a more cuddly image that other large conglomerates are moving towards. The Bank of Scotland strapline used to be "Always giving you extra", now, post-credit crunch, it is "With you all the way".
New British Gas Logo

Old British Gas Logo

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article Neil, re-branding a massive utility company like British Gas must cost a bomb.