Friday, 16 March 2012

Are we in the middle of another tech bubble?

The share price of Apple briefly passed $600 yesterday in anticipation of the release of the new iPad. Note the word "anticipation". They expect to sell over 1 million copies worldwide. We don't even have 4G here in the UK, but that won't stop them buying. There are also rumours that the tech blog Mashable may be about to be bought by CNN for over $100 Million. I think Pete Cashmore has done a brilliant job. We are also expecting the public listing of Facebook at some point this year. Just as it was so important to have a website 12 years ago, it is uber important to have a mobile compliant website today. I understand that the digital revolution is in full swing, the internet has more than come of age and that technology is now part of our everyday lives with massive benefits to everyone, but I just have a feeling that we might be in the middle of a mobile version of the last tech bubble.

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