Saturday, 24 March 2012

Will HMV still be around in 5 years?

Will HMV still be around in 5 years time? They spent the boom years developing new store outlets and trying to get into the music venue sector, but now they are in financially troubled times they have had to sell their Canadian outlets and the live music venture. As digital downloads are threatening to kill off physical sales of CD's they have tried to sell more digital music accessories like headphones and mp3 players etc, but many other high street stores sell these items. As our lust for online shopping continues to decimate the health of our high street shops, perhaps in 5 years time we will all wake up and do something about it. We didn't think about the health of the UK manufacturing sector when we bought and accepted cheaply made clothes from China. Now there is a real incentive to improve UK manufacturing sector, perhaps there will be a renewed energy in our high streets in 5 years from now? But it might just get worse before it gets better.

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