Sunday, 29 April 2012

2012 London Olympic logo has warmed on me...

When I first saw the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic logos back in 2007, I thought they were too different and angular. Basically I just didn't get it, but I do now. They have to be looked in context to what was the general norm in design trends a few years ago.

For a long time, orb logos and logos with graduated colours or drop shadows were in fashion, but recently there has been a resurgence in more angular shapes within contemporary design. This is a direct move away from the previously organic inspired curved shapes. Circles and bubbles, targets and butterflies have given way to more confident angular designs. The Olympic logos could be seen as quite visually disruptive, but they also have an energy about them. In my opinion, where the logos are seen in place on other branding they also work very well. They are bold, they are brilliant, they are fresh. I finally get it.

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