Saturday, 28 April 2012

Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Webcast

I've just watched the video clip of Monday's webcast about the new Adobe Creative Cloud and new Adobe Creative Suite 6 software. From first view, CS6 looks very very powerful. They have managed to bring a lot of things in line with what designers and content creators will find of real benefit. This is very smart, very interesting.

I also see that Abobe have made a big effort to bring CS6 more up to date with regards to creating content for mobile devices. There is also a big effort to make Adobe more accessible to a wider customer base. In the past, I think that they may have positioned themselves out of reach from a lot of budding digital artists and designers, but with the introduction of Photoshop Touch and other mobile apps, they will be in a position to introduce their software a new generation. Adobe Photoshop is a household name. I have been using it since the start. I was using Photoshop version 1 in art college, many years ago and personally think it is a really powerful photo editing tool. From what I've seen so far, CS6 seems to make the creative process a lot smoother for designers who want to design and publish over a wide range of media.  As an Adobe creative designer and user I found it very inspiring.

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