Saturday, 28 April 2012

Australia Zoo - Website Review

Of all the zoo websites that I have reviewed, the Australia Zoo website is by far the most interesting. It is both informative and visually exciting. I think that Steve Irwin had such a powerful enthusiasm for what he did that his legend and vision lives on and is evident in such an amazing zoo and therefore the website too. Some zoo websites get the "Wow" bit right, but don't make the information informative enough and some get the information right, but don't make it visually interesting. The trick is that the site has to shout "THIS IS A WEBSITE ABOUT AN AMAZING ZOO" and it does it with brilliance. In my opinion a website for such a brilliant visitor attraction, must have the same impact and be as amazing as the place itself. It must create a "buzz" among people to live up to people's expectations. The Australia Zoo website team do this very well. Brilliant.

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