Saturday, 5 May 2012

Everything is Image

How is your company seen by your clients? To improve the brand image of your company, you must see everything you do as your brand, not just the design and marketing materials.

Your brand is not something separate from your business it is the central theme which determines how you do everything within your organisation. If you have a clear idea of what you stand for, what your brand values are, then you must stick with that idea throughout everything. A brand is more of a reputation than a company logo. It is a mark of quality and a promise that when a client buys your product or service, they will get that assured quality.

How good is your product? How good is your service? How well is your company managed? All of these factors determine your brand. So, one might be tempted to say "image is everything", but actually, I prefer "Everything is image".

M&S On Your Marks Campaign

The current "On your Marks" campaign by M&S is, in my opinion quite underwhelming. Yes everyone knows that the Olympics is on this summer and that we will also be celebrating the Queens Jubilee, but I just think that M&S have lost there way a bit. To simply push the old Union Jack on everything is not enough. The current TV ads also have a kind of staid, lacklustre feel about them. Their policy of trying to appeal to all demographics doesn't work in my opinion. There is something about the ad campaign where people are "trying to look like they are having fun" rather than being photographed actually having fun. Yes we are also in a recession and yes we are in austere times, so M&S have certainly moved away from the indulgence adverts of recent years. 

Remember the "This is not just a pint of milk, this is an M&S pint of milk" adverts? Over the last couple of years Marks and Spencer have attempted to be the mid-luxury brand of indulgence to a more simple brand message, which in my opinion leaves us wondering what they stand for. With 20% OFF deals, they are now competing on price, rather than quality, which is in complete contrast to their brand values of 2 or 3 years ago.

Friday, 4 May 2012

New Lucozade Revive Brand

I quite like the look of Lucozade's new product offering. Lucozade Revive has launched with the Olympics just around the corner. As a company that makes fizzy energy drinks I think Lucozade have done very well to cover all corners, from the Original Energy drink to the sports focussed Lite Lucozade drinks. Unlike other soft drinks brands, Locozade have managed to position themselves to have a wide appeal. Instead of rebranding the original energy drink which is probably known more as as an early morning hangover kick, rather than a sports energy drink, they have chosen to offer this new range to appeal to a new generation of sports enthusiasts with the inclusion of almost all natural ingredients. It is a smarter energy drink for a smarter consumer.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lynx Hair - Axe Hair - Product Review

The Lynx hair products brand is known under the Axe brand name in the USA and Canada. Here, in the UK, the "Lynx Effect" has enjoyed a very strong brand legacy. I have always liked their product packaging and they seem to change it regularly to keep it fresh and edgy. Their latest incarnation is very well put together. The overall design is strong and the new packaging is led by a great ad campaign. I personally like using the products, but I have not noticed the larger tub size for sale here in the UK. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Adobe are making a big effort to be more visible

In the build up to the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 6, I've noticed that they have taken out quite a lot of full page press adverts recently. I think that Adobe are making a real effort to be more visible to a wider customer base. 

They have also changed the pricing of their software. Adobe are well known within the technology and creative industries, but aside from Photoshop and Acrobat, the general public don't really know what they are about. With CS6, they have improved the designer/user experience, but they have also improved their own brand image in the process. Also, with the introduction of Adobe's Touch Apps, they are also making a very good effort to speak to a new generation of designers. So far, I am very impressed.