Saturday, 5 May 2012

M&S On Your Marks Campaign

The current "On your Marks" campaign by M&S is, in my opinion quite underwhelming. Yes everyone knows that the Olympics is on this summer and that we will also be celebrating the Queens Jubilee, but I just think that M&S have lost there way a bit. To simply push the old Union Jack on everything is not enough. The current TV ads also have a kind of staid, lacklustre feel about them. Their policy of trying to appeal to all demographics doesn't work in my opinion. There is something about the ad campaign where people are "trying to look like they are having fun" rather than being photographed actually having fun. Yes we are also in a recession and yes we are in austere times, so M&S have certainly moved away from the indulgence adverts of recent years. 

Remember the "This is not just a pint of milk, this is an M&S pint of milk" adverts? Over the last couple of years Marks and Spencer have attempted to be the mid-luxury brand of indulgence to a more simple brand message, which in my opinion leaves us wondering what they stand for. With 20% OFF deals, they are now competing on price, rather than quality, which is in complete contrast to their brand values of 2 or 3 years ago.

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