Thursday, 6 September 2012

Madonna the Brand

I recently read a book on personal branding. It explained that your brand is evident in everything you do, from the way you look, the way you behave, the car you drive, the office you work in and the clients that you work for. In today's creative age no-one has mastered the art of personal branding more than Madonna. Yes she reinvents herself, but she has done so much more. She has pushed the boundaries of what we ourselves can do. How we see ourselves is helped along by those in positions of influence. Today people reaching the age of 40 behave like they are in their 30's and people in their 20's still go around like teenagers. It is down to artists like Madonna who have pushed the envelope to say its okay for the rest of us to live life healthier and still be very fit and youthful as we approach middle age. Madonna is an artist in the fuller sense not just musically, by embracing creativity throughout all aspects of her life.

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