Thursday, 13 September 2012

New iPhone 8 "Best Ever"

Imagine 3 or 4 years into the future.

Apple have just launched their new iPhone 8. It has been "Greatly Anticipated" to be their "Best Ever". It will have cool new features on it that make it just a bit different from the previous version. People will queue all night to buy it. There will be a cool new feature. It will be a "Must have" item that you didn't realise that you could have lived without. It will be classed as a "Game Changer". We will all rush out and buy this item (myself included) because we can't bear not to have one. 

Once we have this new object, our lives will be complete. And in our own innocent minds we will be very happy. Through technological emancipation we will then rest easy in the knowledge that we have the "BEST EVER" . Until 18 months later, guess what? Through a very large fanfare and by preaching to the converted the new iPhone 9 will be launched. And it will be classed as the "Best ever Game Changing Best Device, EVER!!!".

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